Open HTML file from SD Card


How can I open an HTML file I have copied from PC to SD Card of Phone?

I've tried opening it with the default application which is HTML Viewer but I get a "Web page not available" system page. The URL that the browser shows is:


Any ideas?


You should be able to point the browser at the file you want with a URL of the format file:///path/to/file.html. For example, I just did this on my EVO with a file I saved to the root of my SD card as post.html by launching the browser and entering the URL file:///sdcard/post.html.

Alternatively, my file manager lets me open an HTML file with "HTML Viewer". This is not as feature-rich, though, and didn't seem to render images for me (whereas the browser way loaded everything properly). My file manager does not give me the option to open the file with the browser, or either of the other browsers I have (Firefox and Opera Mobile).

Published 16 Jan 2011
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